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About Us

YourWay.Store is a one stop shop for 18 years of age or older content creators. Performers/Content Creators will always be free of charge when they use their webcam rooms. Performer/Content Creators commission make money online by selling: live streaming media content, multi streaming,  physical store products, any digital content includes: music, video, photos, audio books, subscriptions, tips & gifts, pay per view, downloads, and messaging. Be your own boss YourWay.Store.

All Performers/Content Creators must be 18 years of age or older must be verified by uploading their credentials. Admin that verifies all performers age is ran by a real human person. 

How It Started

Andy Mixlab Lopez from Arizona USA founded YourWay.Store in 2018 with an obsession to help influencers get a wider audience and help them generate revenue with their products and their digital content. 

In 2011 Mixlab burst into the Dj world rankings placing #8 in Hip Hop genre on TheDjList.com. Mixlab did it with skill and having a big presence online. Mixlab used his experience online to remix the live stream and ecommerce as one. YourWay.Store was born.

YourWay.Store Livestream

We make it easy to stream your virtual events, executive communications, trainings, and everything in between.

You can live stream in real time! Your audience missed a live stream no problem recorded livestreams can be saved to your library.   

You can also sell a video, calls, paid question or any digital content by download, stream play or by pay per minute or view as well as products and delivery service or any type of service. It’s a secure choice for large enterprises, small businesses, and individuals alike.

Screen sharing is another feature on YourWay.Store to use for video conference, Go Live, group chat, video calls on our webcam interactions.


Need to speed up your creator journey? YourWay.Store is a multi destination stream on your favorite social media platforms all at the same time on Facebook, Youtube etc. All our streams are add free. Reach your audience on every social channel.

Influencers & Entertainers

Self promote on YourWay.Store on our live interacting streaming with your fans or followers, selling your apparel, or shows. Sell your digital content by download or stream your music and or music videos. Music artist no need for Music labels use this platform to sell your copyrighted music. The industry is changing, more artists are considering independent careers, and self-releasing an album is easier than ever.

Our Livestream Shopping Platform

Start your own live streaming  business a new sales strategy for online and offline stores with YourWay.Store.  Social + entertainment + ecommerce are all combined elements we provide in our live stream room. It’s a mobile version of TV home shopping. There’s a communication between the show host and the users. The human element that’s been missing in the online shopping experience. You let the salesperson demonstrate all the possibilities about a product, delivery, booking, any digital content or service. 

Products & Delivery

Products-  Google Map is very much essential to inform about your store/product location to your customers. You can associate location info and address with your products. Isn’t it really cool!! Delivery for your products is here to give you a full featured delivery management system for your store. 

Shipment and Delivery are essential part of our  e-commerce site. Vendor can add their own delivery drivers in the system or use a Courier delivery service on the list of drivers. Specially when you are running a business like –

  • Flowers & Delivery
  • Medical Health & Beauty Delivery
  • Mobile Massage & Delivery
  • Restaurant & Delivery
  • Grocery Stores & Delivery
  • Cleaning 
  • Furniture Store & Delivery
  • Laundry
  • Automotive & Commercial Truck Parts Delivery

Our social media features

Site Directories, our News Feed you can share posts, images, videos and more content.

Friend Connections

Friendship system with the ability to send, accept, or remove friendship, follow or unfollow.

Private messages, user groups

Ratings and reviews

Likes system

Emoticons & Smileys

LiveStream Social Groups