Performer Commission Payments


Performer Subscriptions, Content, Downloads, Webcam Room Access:                                                    

Sell subscriptions, sell webcam room access content AKA Pay Per View or sell downloads with My Wallet tokens. Reduce billing fees, processing time and friction with your viewer (Basic) users using virtual My Wallet.

Performers can accept gifts, donations, setup donation/gifts goals, for each content item or webcam room livestream video chat.  Tokens can be purchased with real money using TeraWallet for WooCommerce My Wallet by Basic or Performer register users.                               1 token = 1 US dollar.                                                                                                                                                    Control access to content (including custom posts) by performers subscription tiers. Sell digital assets (videos, pictures, documents, custom posts) as WooCommerce products. Upload files for paid downloads from dedicated frontend pages. YourWay.Store allows users to do low value transactions from site My Wallet, without using a billing site each time. Increase user spending with easy instant payments, low friction, low billing fees, deposits on site. 

Recommended for use with these solutions:

Webcam Room for all YourWay.Store performers roles

Access Price Setup Monetization Paid Content: Posts as Digital Products

  • Content page aggregates the digital content (post types) available for sale.

  • Content types is configurable from MicroPayments settings, as custom posts types available for sale: videos, pictures, downloads, webcam rooms.

  • My Assets page enables providers to manage their content and set prices.

  • My Content page enables clients to access content they previously purchases.

  • Content Upload page enables providers to Upload videos, Upload Pictures and documents from a single form

Donations, Goals & Gifts

  • Enable donations for any content page

  • Configure donation goals and/or gifts

  • Goals show progress bar and goal details on content page

  • donation button with wallet

Performer Subscriptions Tier

  • Performers can setup multiple subscription tiers (limited by webmaster settings), with custom label, description, duration (monthly, yearly, one time payment)

  • Performers can assign their content to subscription tiers

  • Clients can subscribe to performer subscriptions, for access to their content and webcams

  • Optionally, each item accessible by subscription can also be provided for a price per item, for users that don’t want to subscribe

  • Customizable performer earning ratio for subscription earnings

Benefits of using tokens include:

  • Less transaction fees (clients fund their account once for multiple purchases)

  • Cost control (clients can have added peace of mind and sensation of control for the fixed amount they pay),

  • Payment in advance (clients prepay for future services) ,

  • Increased sales (once the have the tokens they will put them to use faster than real money)

Tera Wallet: The leading wallet for WooCommerce with partial payment, withdraw, payment settings, refunds, cash backs and what not!

Commission Earning percentage can vary from each performer or author. Most common performer 80% commission. It’s negotiable with Admin. 

Performer register user payout withdrawal: My Wallet Withdrawal Request make sure you set up bank transfer payment settings first before the withdrawal request. Admin approves once a week all withdrawal requests. Follow up on approved requests on  My Wallet Withdrawal Request. Depending on your bank the withdrawal should take 3-5 working days. 

Payment Settings 

  • Bank transfer — It is the manual process. Site admin sends the requested amount manually to the requested user’s bank account ) then need to click on the “Submit Request” button to send the withdrawal request.
    After submitting a request successfully it will display a table with the request details. The logged-in user can not create the next request until the previous one is approved or canceled by the site administrator.
  • Approved Requests – It will display all the approved requests of logged-in user in a table view.
  • Cancelled Requests – It will display all the cancelled requests of logged-in user in a table view.
  • Payment Settings – From here users can set up their bank account details
  • SWIFT Codes for main United States Banks

    1. Bank Of America – Swift Code BOFAUS3N
    2. Capital One
    3. Chase Bank (Jp Morgan Chase)
    4. Citibank
    5. Fifth Third Bank
    6. HSBC
    7. PNC Bank
    8. Truist Bank
    9. U.S. Bancorp
    10. Wells Fargo Bank
    11. Do banks in the US use IBAN codes? No. Banks in the United States don’t use IBAN codes to identify specific banks or account numbers. We instead use SWIFT codes and routing numbers.

Vendor Store Withdraw Earnings:

Commission disbursal is one of the most important features for any multi-vendor site and YourWay.Store Vendor Store dashboard allows this by withdrawal mode wherein vendor has to request for payment (admin) can process the funds accordingly.

Configure the settings from here: YourWay.Store Vendor Store Dashboard >> Vendor >> Manage vendor  >> Commission and Withdrawal settings.

Commission Earning percentage can vary from each store Vendor My Store. 

It’s negotiable with Admin.