How Small Business Owners Are Branding Together to Adapt During the Coronavirus Pandemic   Ramon Luquez from You Sly Dog is the cousin of Andy Mixlab Lopez from YourWay.Store Livestream Platform   Supporting each other and for a good reason. According to a survey by the National Bureau of Economic Research, “43% of businesses have temporarily closed and businesses have – on average – reduced their employee counts by 40% relative to January.”   In 2003 Ramon purchased a 1962 International Metro Harvester. This sleeping giant was rusting away in his best friend’s back yard. He then had idea to come to this relics rescue. It now belongs to us!   We love entertaining.. Nothing makes us happier than spending time with friends and family. Food is the number one component in being the host. group1Having slaved for 14 months restoring and installing the equipment to bring this historic ride back to life, Ramon stands tall with his accomplishments and his menu choices. From here everything just fell into place.   You Sly Dog has finally made its place in the world. Our food item of choice is the all American favorite: The hotdog!truck   “I have always been drawn to the hotdog it’s a quick and delicious meal, and can be customized to your liking”, Ramon states.  Here at You Sly Dog we take pride in our product and use only the freshest ingredients and care when building YOUR favorite Hot Dogs! To ensure a satisfying experience from our family to our priority. Celebrate family. Celebrate Friends. Celebrate Food. Cheers and enjoy!!