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The life of a content creator can be challenging. You always have to think out of the box to amuse your audience. Though you will find platforms like OnlyFans, YouTube, and Twitch, which claim to be “home for creators”, they are not. This is mainly because they are not paying the creators well enough for their creativity or offering them the freedom they deserve.


If we talk about sites like OnlyFans, they don’t value zealous content creators like does. These sites won’t allow you to customize and optimize your content as a creator. 


So what type of freedom does offer to creators with compelling content? 


Well, the perfect OnlyFans alternative,, offers various essential features to content creators. And here, we will cover some of the exclusive features of the for a creator. Let’s get started!

Performer Subscription Tiers

At, there are various performer subscription tiers which are customized subscription models for consumers. With the Performance Subscription Tiers, creators can set up multiple subscription tiers


However, these subscription tiers are limited by webmaster settings but they can have custom descriptions, labels, and duration. Creators can set up various time duration for payment of subscriptions

Payments can be made yearly or monthly, or they can be one-time. In these subscription tiers, creators can assign their content to various tiers. This means different tiers will have different categories of content.


Furthermore, the items accessible by tier subscription can also be rented individually via price per item. This is ideal for creators who want to focus on specific content and consumers who want to avoid buying full-tier subscriptions. And the best part about this subscription model is that it offers a customizable performer earning ratio.

Various Way To Earn As A Creator

If we talk about a website like OnlyFans, the platform might be all lavish for a consumer, but creators struggle on the platform as the ways to get paid are limited to performing, and the platform even cuts 20% from the creator’s earnings


However, in this case, is the perfect OnlyFans replacement, which is more feature-full. Though also lets creators keep 80% of their earnings, the percentage on this platform is negotiable with the admin and can go a little higher than 80. 


The currency for transactions on the platform is Tokens, and one token equals one dollar. Tokens can be purchased through TeraWallet (wallet for


Creators can earn through multiple ways at Some of the ways through which creators can earn are discussed below:

     1. Performers Can Sell Exuberant Performer Subscriptions

At, creators can sell subscriptions. These subscription models are for consumers who want to stay entertained via exciting content from their favorite creators.

     2. Performers Can Sell Digital Assets

Creators can sell digital assets to consumers who prefer specific content. You can sell pictures, documents, videos, and custom posts as WooCommerce products. 

     3. Performers Can Accept Gifts & Donations From Consumers

Creators can accept gifts and donations from their viewers. These gifts are given via tokens and are a fantastic way to show love and support to your favorite creator. You can also configure your goals on gifts and donations. 

Why Are Tokens A Better Form Of Payment At

Tokens are the optimal representation of money at Yourway.Store. But what are the benefits of using Tokens instead of real money? Below we have listed some of the benefits of Tokens over traditional money:

       1. Less Transaction Fees 

As a consumer, you would buy tokens once and then make multiple purchases through them, which means you are saving your transaction fees. This won’t have been the case if you wouldn’t use tokens, as with every purchase, you would have to pay some transaction fees.

      2. Increased Sales & Payments Is Made In Advance

Once consumers have bought tokens with real money, their only option is to use them as the token’s sole purpose is to be used between clients and performers. You also get your payment in advance as clients prepay you with tokens for future services.

      3. Cost Controlled For Consumers 

With tokens, clients having the digital currency would have the sensation of control as the amount of tokens they would have won’t inflate. They would have the peace of mind that they would have to pay a fixed amount to the performers.

Yourway.Store Offers Customization Content

The content you produce as a performer is solely yours. And ensures you get all the customizability you can have as a creator. As a creator of the platform, you have full access to monetize your paid content.


On the “Content Page” of creators, you will find all the digital content available for sale. Since there are various forms of digital content like videos, pictures, webcam rooms, downloads, etc. As a creator, you can also configure your content types through MicroPayments settings.


As a performer, you can also manage all your content and set prices for them on the “My Assets” page. Furthermore, you can also upload all of your digital products via a single form conveniently. You can find this form on the “Content Upload” page.

Convenient Payment Methods For Performers

After putting in all the effort, all a creator wants from its client is timely and reasonable payments. And at, you can easily set up your bank details via “Payment Settings.” All the withdrawal requests are under the “My Wallet Withdrawal Request.”


The admin approves all the withdrawal requests once a week, and depending on your bank, the withdrawal should take 3-5 working days. If your withdrawal request is canceled, you will find it under the “Canceled Requests” section, and if it’s approved, you will find it under the “Approved Requests” section.


If you are a content creator who wants the freedom to customize and create content, then is the platform for you. From setting up prices to freely creating content, as a creator, you can do anything you want. The best part about this platform is that its commission and platform fees are negotiable, and the platform is a safe space for creators to showcase their talent.

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