About Yourway.store

Start your own live commerce business a new sales strategy for online and offline stores. Social + entertainment + commerce. It’s a mobile version of TV home shopping. There’s a communication between the show host and the users. The human element that’s been missing in the online shopping experience. You let the salesperson demonstrate all the possibilities about a product, delivery, booking, any digital content or service. 

You can live stream in real time anywhere or ban certain countries or states with mobile phone or for advance broadcast with our integrated OBS encoder a new solution for COVID-19 pandemic. Your audience missed a live stream no problem just hit the record button and it will save the video in your library. You can also sell a video, calls, paid question or any digital content by download, stream play or by pay per minute or view as well as products and delivery service or any type of service.

1. Host 1 or unlimited expert consultants, as needed

2. Live expert list (ajax browsing, search, live updates without page reload)

3. Free pre-sale chat room with expert live video stream

4. Pay per minute private 2 way videochat calls, on client request

5. Pay per minute group consultations / classes with live streaming, text chat

6. video conference mode-with split view to show multiple user cameras

7. video consultation/collaborationmode with file sharing, presenting videos and images

8. tips / giftsto consultant during free & paid sessions

9. Examples:

* Professional Advice (Legal, Financial, Taxes, Health)

* Life Coaching (Career, Relationships, Motivation, Fitness, Nutrition)

* Skill Building (Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Leadership, Selling)

* Entertainment Industry (Music Band Artists, Model Dancer, Professional Gamers etc self promotion on live interacting streaming with their fans, selling their apparel, or shows, download or stream music and music videos. Music artist no need for Music labels use this platform to sell your copyrighted music. The industry is changing, more artists are considering independent careers, and self-releasing an album is easier than ever.

* Marketing (Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Public Relations, Branding)

* Spiritual Beliefs (Psychic Reading, Clairvoyance, Tarot and Cards, Numerology, Astrology)

* Food Industry & Personal Chef

* Real Estate 

* Shipment & Local Delivery Service-


Shipment and Delivery are essential part of our  e-commerce site. Vendor can add their own delivery drivers in the system or use a Courier delivery service on the list of drivers. Specially when you are running a business like –

  • Cannabis & Delivery
  • Flowers & Delivery
  • Medical Health & Beauty Delivery
  • Mobile Massage & Delivery
  • Alcohol Delivery & Delivery
  • Restaurant & Delivery
  • Grocery Stores & Delivery
  • Cleaning 
  • Furniture Store & Delivery
  • Laundry
  • Automotive & Commercial Truck Parts Delivery


* Audiobooks

* Products-  In recent days Map – Google Map is very much essential to inform about your store/product location to your customers. You can associate location info and address with your product , isn’t it really cool!! Delivery for your products is here to give you a full featured delivery management system for your store and even for your store vendors. 

* Bookings

* customizable user roles (ex: performer/client)

* customizable cost per minute (editable by admin or each consultant), commission ratio

* customizable group modes (free, paid)

* profile, videos, pictures for each webcam room profile, video e-commerce 

* performer administrative records, approval

* multiple billing options with MyCred and TeraWallet for Live commerce

* html5 video chat interface (works on iOS Safari, Android Chrome and all PC browsers, without Flash)

* sell videos, pictures, documents with Paid Membership, Content, and Downloads.






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