Refund, Shipping Policy

Refund Policy for YourWay.Store

Digital Content:

Given the intangible nature of digital content, all sales of digital products on YourWay.Store are final. We urge customers to review product details and requirements comprehensively before making a purchase.

Physical Products:

YourWay.Store operates as a marketplace, connecting customers with individual Performer/Store rooms. Each Performer/Store room functions as an independent entity and is responsible for their product quality, shipment, and customer service.

● Refund Requests:

Customers seeking a refund for physical products must initiate their request directly with the respective Performer/Store room. The Performer/Store room will evaluate the request based on their specific refund policy.

● Commission Payouts:

In the event of a successful refund, the commission initially distributed to the Performer/Store room and YourWay.Store will be reversed. The Performer/Store room is responsible for returning the commission amount to YourWay.Store.

● Processing Time:

Refunds, once approved by the Performer/ Store room, will be processed within a specified timeframe, usually 7-14 business days. The exact duration may vary based on payment methods and bank processing times.

● Exceptions:

In rare cases where a Performer/Store room fails to address a legitimate refund request, YourWay.Store may intervene to facilitate a resolution. However, the primary responsibility for refunds lies with the Performer/Store room.