Former Pima College Baseball And Pueblo High Baseball Star and Remixer “MixLab” Andres Andy Lopez

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Former Pima College Baseball And Pueblo High Baseball Star remixer “MixLab” Creates Special Tribute Video for Nogales Little League Champions

Andres Andy Lopez, better known as remixer “MixLab“, has made a name for himself worldwide as a video disk jockey and remixer. His latest project is a tribute video for the Nogales Little League Champions, which he hopes will inspire and provide hope for kids of all races and backgrounds.

MixLab, a former center fielder on the Pima College Baseball team and a former 4A Pueblo High School All Star 1st Team 1991 Center Fielder a Mexican American born in Tucson Arizona. ¬†Parents Pedro and Olga Lopez. Parents born and raised in Naco Sonora Mexico. Andy Lopez AKA Mixlab was also part of the 1990 Pueblo High School 4A State Champs , was inspired by the Nogales Little League’s run to a 2014 World title, and decided to put together a special video tribute of the team’s journey. The video is a fast-paced “documentary-like video, of music and news” that pays tribute to the Nogales group of 12 and 13-year-olds.

The video, which is now available on YouTube, includes elements from Cesar Chavez and the Civil rights movement, and KVOA news clips on the border crisis in Nogales. According to MixLab, the production provides hope, not just for the Nogales Little League team, but for any race. A future and hope for these kids to do better, no matter where they come from.

“I just wanted to do something special for the kids,” said MixLab. “I was a former baseball player too, and was inspired by their story.”

MixLab is no stranger to producing videos for teams in Southern Arizona. He had a similar YouTube sensation after putting together a video/music mix that documented the Sunnyside girls’ softball run to the Little League World Series.

“These kids coming out of Southern Arizona, it makes you and inspires you to do something special. To remix a video for them to look at in the future and share that with their families,” said MixLab, who points out that he has no ties to the team or Nogales.

MixLab, who was ranked #8 in the world in 2011 on, as well as #1 Funk R&B in the world just behind well-known mixers such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and Magic Mike of the “2 Live Crew,” is presenting the video to the Nogales Little League team soon as a special gift.

In conclusion, MixLab’s video tribute for the Nogales Little League Champions is a testament to the power of sports to inspire and bring people together. The video provides hope and inspiration not just for the Nogales team, but for any young athlete with big dreams.

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