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Yourway.Store – The One-Stop Solution For Independent Artists & Content Creators

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Being an artist or content creator can be challenging, but it gets worse when monetising an artist’s work. The internet is loaded with creators that are live streaming or creating engaging content. However, most are underpaid and aren’t generating enough revenue for their artwork. 


If you are a victim of this underpayment, then we have the perfect one-stop solution, So what is And how does it help artists generate revenues? If that’s the question on your mind, then you are in the right spot. Here we will discuss how can help you grow and earn more as a content creator or artist. Let’s get started!

What Is Live Streaming? How Does Outperform Other Streaming Platforms?

Live streaming is a way of broadcasting media in real time. Live streaming on the internet is popular amongst content creators who want to engage with their audience in real-time as they produce content. 


There are various video streaming platforms that an artist can use, but the common problem with most of the platforms is that they don’t pay well enough. For instance, take YouTube, the largest streaming platform globally used by millions of users daily. 


Though the platform is all good from the outside, if you are a content creator on YouTube, you would know the reality of the forum. When it comes to payouts on YouTube, the streaming platform is multi-sided. Revenue is generated through YouTube Premium Per video stream and monetisation of videos.


With YouTube Premium, a creator gets $0.008 per stream. Whereas, per video stream, the artist’s channel gets $0.00164, and through video monetisation, an artist can get $0.00087. Overall, it can be concluded that YouTube isn’t paying much to its artists and content creators.

What’s The Best Alternative For Artists?

The revenue problem isn’t exclusive to content creators on YouTube; it goes for all streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and many more. These platforms pay the artists the bare minimum, demotivating them and decreasing content quality. 


Reports show that Record Labels can keep a cut of 50-90% of an artist’s earnings, and a new artist usually gets 10-16% of their sales. So if you are sick and tired of this underpayment, is the optimal solution for generating comparatively more revenues. 


At, you can keep 80% of your earnings from streaming content, music  and subscription earnings. And the best part about this platform is that you can customise the prices accordingly; this way, you have everything under your fingertips, and you can say goodbye to all other streaming platforms. 


Furthermore, you can set up your e-commerce store on, which is a great way to support artists and content creators. The feature is exclusive to, and you won’t find it elsewhere.

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