Best Way To Multi Stream On Different Platforms For Free OBS

On this page go to your performer dashboard

Click Go Live

Click Options

Scroll Down & Enable External Broadcast

Click Broadcast

Here is the link for Mac & Windows OBS instructions to multistream on different platforms.

*****Do not Go Live on your YourWay.Store Webcam before you start streaming on OBS it will interrupt the signal and you will not be able to connect to OBS. Go Live on YourWay.Store after you click the start streaming on OBS.***********

Screen Sharing

Click on the Go Live on the right side next to Chat tab click the Cam.

A second window pops up then you click Hide Camera.

Final step scroll down on the same window and click Screen Share.

OBS Studio | Larix Broadcaster

On this page on your performer dashboard scroll all the way down and click on Streams to setup OBS Studio | Larix Broadcaster